Irony and other things.


Charlie's advice: SMILE

Good morning, or better yet, good day everybody! I’ve just finished a delicious egg white omelet with two slices of toast and I am currently sipping on a strawberry smoothie. Yum! Anyways, life is good because I slept soundly last night thanks to which is now my answer to EVERYTHING.

Well, lo and behold! tonight is the one night I could have benefited from not sleeping.

Here’s the story: My mom wakes me up at 7:30 in the morning because she needed to get something in my room. When she sees that my laptop has been on the whole night, playing rain sounds, she wakes me up and asks me why I’m sleeping like a bum.

Oh, moms. Basically, I was sleeping on top of the comforter (not underneath it, like civilized people) and covered myself with a blanket. Also, I still wore the same shirt I had on the whole day yesterday.

Now that I think about it, I remember when she asked me why I’m sleeping like a bum, I said, “Because it makes me happy, ma.”

I guess it was just nice to actually sleep considering everything. Maybe I should thank my best friends, Audrey, Jessie, and David, for an amazing night. It sure as hell made me tired enough to get over 8 hours of shut-eye.

Well, digression aside, I decide to turn of the rain and thunder and OF COURSE I have to go and check my facebook. I mean, how could I not?

Good thing I did. I get a message from my friend, David, saying he was, and I quote, “…relying on your insomnia.” End quote.

Argh. I hate not being there for my friends. Especially friends that went to the hospital at 1 a.m. and were relying on my vampiric (that’s an adjective I made up that means vampire-like) lack of sleep to help them out.

It turns out that he’s alright. Thank God.

Way-ull. I am done with brunch. It’s 1:15 a.m. and the sun is shining, or glaring, through my windows beckoning me to perform the very undesirable task of weeding my dad’s tomato garden. But I promised him that I’d do it. Wait, I actually OFFERED to do it! (0.O) *Shocked face.

On the bright side, it’s very nice and warm out, so instead of sitting at the computer all day I’ll be outside getting fresh air and a nice tan.
So enjoy summer! Enjoy the sun and fresh air. And always smile!

It’s so weird that a song that tells me to smile, makes me cry.

Haha. Here’s irony for you. A song of the same name, but different to its very core.

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By the way…

the writing section will be updated soon. I’m having a bit of a writer’s block, but don’t worry. It’s not something and my “Songs From a Secret Garden” play list on won’t fix.

I have to go now. It’s 11:42 p.m. and me staying up to write isn’t helping my bout of insomnia.


One more thing. Along with my blog updates on the home page and the story in the writing area, I will be adding another page for journal updates. Basically, I will choose a topic or quote (one hopefully my readers will suggest) and write no less than 500 words about it.

I know this may sound weird and/or confusing right now, but just bare with me.  (Haha! Did you guys catch the pun? Bare with me…. as in get naked with me!!! Oh, I guess me pointing it out makes it less fun, doesn’t it?)

Anyways, good night world. Sweet dreams.

Vote below:

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Pocahontas is a beast.

Yes, yes. I know. I told myself that I will be more active, but yet again I begin writing something and before I know it, I’ve deleted it. Who knows if this will make it. *New post, I am sending you with good fortune.*

Anyways, I don’t know what to do with this. Wait, you know what? I can do whatever the hell I want with it. This blog is my oyster!

God, I’ve been hearing this over and over this year. Ever since I’ve become a senior, that’s the only thing people think of telling me. Really? No sound advice?  No Mother Willow even?

Geez. I never thought I’d have to rely on a Disney movie for life lessons.

Well, actually, thanks to Jessie, my best friend, I’ve been listening to this on replay. It’s so nice that my friends just send me links to videos and songs instead of giving me actual advice!

Side-note: I’m kidding of course. I’m so going to have to talk about this. But, in a different post. Don’t worry Jess, your advice is the best and because you really do, truly get me, I know I can always depend on you. ❤

The Feminist Movement: Disney Style

I have to say, as much as I am opposed to the sexist, superficial, and downright anti-progressive views, I do enjoy a good Disney movie. In fact, my favorite movie is Pocahontas due to the fact that I’ve been relying on advice from the fictional, animated tree.
Whatever, screw you. Willow trees are awesome.

Haha. Here’s another entertaining pic you might enjoy.

Mr. Right

Actually, now that I think about it. Pocahontas may be the only normal Disney princess. I mean, she is one tough-ass chick. First of all, she is Native American and anybody who knows me should know that being Native American automatically puts you into my cool book. Second of all, she truly cares about the ecosystem.

3. She talks to animals.

4. She gets advice from a tree.

5. The girl has some pipes. Dang she can sing!

6. She doesn’t leave her family and way of life for a man. Well, at least not in the first movie.

Anyways, I am going to go back to listening to Keane one of my favorite bands of ALL TIME. I’m serious, there isn’t a single song that I’ve heard by them so far that I haven’t liked. And that is a tremendous feat. You should be proud Keane. No, not of your successful music careers and sexiness, but because I, Violetta, love ALL OF YOUR SONGS. You can die happy now.

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Easy reading is damn hard writing. ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

So, I’ve finally decided what to do with my darn blog. I’ve decided to begin writing a story. Each post will be part of that story which will hopefully be fueled by readers and their comments. Of course, at the time being, I have no readers and definitely no commentators. Hopefully that will change.

The first story that I will post is a story I’ve begun quite a while ago, but I’ve never gotten farther than the introduction. So, here goes!

[Story will be posted in the writing section.]

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Songs of Ourselves

enjoy each breath you breathe

enjoy each sight you see

each sound you hear

to happiness will bring you near

so sing, if you have voice

watch sunsets, have you sight

because some have no choice

but your horizon’s bright

don’t pass your life

by mere existence

your sadness and your strife

may make a smile seem distant

but i say, smile

just smile and bear it

and though it may take miles

with happiness  you’ll wear it

live! just live

breathe, just breathe

and smile and hug and give

and die….


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