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Thanks Tylenol PM…

and Yeah, yeah. I know I’m talking about this site way too much. But in all honesty, I recommend it to everyone. It has healing powers, I swear. Acne, flu, herpes…. it can do it all! Joking aside, rainymood … Continue reading

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Summertime and the livin’ is easy.

What can I say about summer that everyone else doesn’t already know? I mean, we all love lazy summer mornings, having unhurried brunch while listening to National Public Radio, and lounging around on the deck sipping on lemonade. Remember that … Continue reading

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Irony and other things.

Good morning, or better yet, good day everybody! I’ve just finished a delicious egg white omelet with two slices of toast and I am currently sipping on a strawberry smoothie. Yum! Anyways, life is good because I slept soundly last … Continue reading

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Pocahontas is a beast.

Yes, yes. I know. I told myself that I will be more active, but yet again I begin writing something and before I know it, I’ve deleted it. Who knows if this will make it. *New post, I am sending … Continue reading

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