Let’s start at the beginning…

It’s been a while since I’ve written, so let me say “Hello!”

Last time I’ve posted I was stuck in an airport in Charlotte after I missed my plane for St. Paul, Minnesota. Luckily, I had my faithful friends: laptop, ipod, and book, to keep me company. Eight hours actually passed quite quickly, especially since I love airports.

My trip to Minnesota lasted three weeks and boy, I can’t tell you whether I thought that the trip was too long or not long enough. I can honestly say this, I love.

That’s it. I love.

I love my family, my friends; my sweet-faced little nieces and nephews; my worried, talkative aunt; my introverted, haunted cousin; my best friends with whom I have the best childhood memories with. I love knowing that there are people who love me; who are willing to understand, or at least try. I love knowing that if I ever went back, I wouldn’t be alone.

I have amazing people in my life!

Katya- Hmm. Explaining her is an unbelievably difficult task. We met each other through our parents, who went to community college together. We are so different, her and I. We have little in common hobbies-wise. She loves to shop and do her nails, while I can’t stand dressing rooms and cut my nails short. She puts on make up every morning and gets her highlights refreshed every two weeks, while the only part of my routine is putting on face cream She renews her wardrobe yearly, while I still wear some things from ninth grade. She doesn’t understand my deep love for books, or my weird taste in music. She loves pop music and tanning. But, she’s quiet while I talk. She laughs at my jokes. She hugs me when I cry. She has this ability to just… sit with me. Maybe I can’t discuss the theory of relativity with her, but heck, who can I discuss it with? But, I can share the deepest, most sincere thought with her and she just… listens. So that’s why when she and her mom took me out on a shopping spree, I just shut my mouth and let them dress me up like a doll. In fact, I quite enjoyed getting new, colorful clothes. Why? Because I new they bought them because they loved me. And likewise, I guess that’s why she sits through my boring rants and discussions.

I used to think Katya wasn’t deep or even smart, but I’ve learned. I’ve learned that despite the fact that she stills spells like a twelve-year old (<3) she is wise beyond her own knowledge. I miss my shy, quiet, modest Katusha.

Ira- My dad and her dad are friends from way back when, when we still lived in Russia. That’s how we met. We were the first people they came to in America. We are so different, but in a different way than Katya and I are. Ira is small, thin, blue-eyed, and golden-haired. She is friendly and mature. She’s been working and driving since she was legally able to. She is nice to her brother and sister. She actually goes out with friends.

Sometimes we don’t have much to talk about and sometimes it’s hard to find something, but just being with her is awesome. We have fun just singing old Russian pop songs and reminiscing about the times when we created synchronized dance moves to said songs, probably secretly wishing that we were brave enough to do that again. And you know, we have a lot of memories together and I think that is what helped us not to grow apart, because it would have been so easy to do. But I thank God that she’s still in my life.

She understands me, and I think that’s what’s most important. Not to be identical in nature, but to just be happy with each other. She understands why I love just staring out onto a sparkling lake, silent. And she can just sit there and look along with me. But she also understand why sometimes I just laugh hysterically for no reason and she’d laugh along with me.

I love them.


About ofsoundandfury8

There is so little to say, but so much to know. I am a girl, a daughter, a friend. I love music: I live it, I breathe it. I an introvert. I love making new friends. I love laughter, corny jokes, a good book, sound of rain, autumn, my cat purring beside me. I want my life to mean something. I want to travel. I want to die an honest person, a loyal friend, a loving mother, daughter, and wife, and most of all a faithful child of God.
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