Topic Journal 6/12:


Like portals into worlds unknown, they are so sacred. Like escape routes from reality, so comforting. Just holding one in my hands, feeling its weight as I leaf through the thin, membrane-like pages, brings a feeling of immense, ethereal joy to my heart.

Books have been there for me when all I needed was a shred of hope; hope that made me feel like, yes, anything is possible. They’ve been there to anchor me back into a world of reality. But this reality was easier. Easier than the one I exist in. However, for a moment I could forget. For a moment I could run through fields of poppies, or climb the tallest mountains, or hunt dragons, or make potions, or hide in underground tunnels.

For a dear 200, or 300 pages I was immersed into a world so different from mine, yet so cherished all the same. And when it was time to flip to that very last page, I felt actual sadness. As my eyes ran over the black letters, the sentences, I felt as if I was saying goodbye to the dearest friends.


About ofsoundandfury8

There is so little to say, but so much to know. I am a girl, a daughter, a friend. I love music: I live it, I breathe it. I an introvert. I love making new friends. I love laughter, corny jokes, a good book, sound of rain, autumn, my cat purring beside me. I want my life to mean something. I want to travel. I want to die an honest person, a loyal friend, a loving mother, daughter, and wife, and most of all a faithful child of God.
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4 Responses to Topic Journal 6/12:

  1. amyblam says:

    I do, I do adore books. Even as a child, I would rather read than do anything and I NEVER played sports. So I guess we could blame books for my lack of coordination?

  2. cherriekeane says:

    man, i wish wordpress had a ‘i can relate’ button.
    that last sentence was how I felt after reading the 7th HP book. it really was like leaving behind a good friend i had grown up with.

    also, ignore the EXTREME nerdiness of that statement.

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