Songs of Ourselves

enjoy each breath you breathe

enjoy each sight you see

each sound you hear

to happiness will bring you near

so sing, if you have voice

watch sunsets, have you sight

because some have no choice

but your horizon’s bright

don’t pass your life

by mere existence

your sadness and your strife

may make a smile seem distant

but i say, smile

just smile and bear it

and though it may take miles

with happiness  you’ll wear it

live! just live

breathe, just breathe

and smile and hug and give

and die….



About ofsoundandfury8

There is so little to say, but so much to know. I am a girl, a daughter, a friend. I love music: I live it, I breathe it. I an introvert. I love making new friends. I love laughter, corny jokes, a good book, sound of rain, autumn, my cat purring beside me. I want my life to mean something. I want to travel. I want to die an honest person, a loyal friend, a loving mother, daughter, and wife, and most of all a faithful child of God.
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